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           HASNALE MEDICAL TUTORIALS (HMT) is unique revolutionary institute all over India evolved specially for MBBS UNDERGRADUATE students aspiring PG preparation right from their FIRST year.The ideology of HMT is to provide good platform for such students to crack their PG Entrance Exams. HMT not only prepares its students for PG entrance examinations but also for their regular UNIVERSITY exams. Our schedule is so designed that regular college schedule will never disturbed. It helps to develop positive attitude towards PG entrance from the beginning and also guide the students in right direction.

ONLINE HMT TEST SERIES for session 2015 will start  from 12th April 2015, for MBBS undergraduate students & also for interns.

Every one of us knows, for admission to various PG COURSES (MD/MS), the mode of exam is online.

Our aim to start ONLINE TEST SERIES is to make UG student habitual for this new mode of exams. Our exam schedule will be same that of academic year. It will cover all important topics for various PG entrance exams, which helps you not only for PG Entrance examination but also for your academic university exams.

The vision of our institute is to set new trend of starting MCQ oriented study for PG entrance exams from undergraduate level only.

One thing we want to mention here is that the exam papers are set by experts in the respective subjects who actually cracked PG entrance themselves.

            We have SEPARATE test series for each batch of M.B.B.S. Our tests are being conducted since 15 April 2012 for 1st year,  2nd year, 3rd minor & 3rd major in almost all cities of India where medical colleges are located.

           We assure that with the assistance of HMT in the journey of PG preparation you can save precious 2-3 years of your life definitely. All the best......

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