Live Offline Exam FAQ

Que : What Will be the syllabus for HMT TEST SERIES?
Ans : Syllabus is same as that for respective batch MBBS academic. Please go through schedule section.

Que : What is fee structure for joining HMT LIVE OFFLINE TEST SERIES?
Ans : Fee structure for Live offline exam as following 1st year - 3500/-, 2nd year - 5000/-, 3rd year part 1 (minor) - 3500/-, 3rd year part 2 (major)- 5000/-

Que : Is fee structure for live offline test series is same for all batches?
Ans : No. its different for each batch. if you join one batch means you get access exams of that batch only.

Que : What will be duration of live offline test series? On what date it will be starting?
Ans : HMT live offline TEST SERIES for all batches is starting from 6th April 2014. The last exam is held on 19th october 2014. Total duration will be 6 & half month.

Que : How many exams are there in each course of live offline test series?
Ans : The number of exams in each courses are as following. 1st year - 24 , 2nd year - 40 , 3rd year (minor) - 26 , 3rd year (major) - 34, Please go through courses section

Que : How many MCQs are there in each exam of LIVE OFFLINE TEST SERIES?
Ans : 100 MCQs are there in each live offline exam? GRAND TESTs of total syllabus comprised of 200 MCQs.

Que : How can i know the topic & date of particular exam?
Ans : Please go through schedule section. All the details of topic, subject & date of exam are given there.

Que : Whats time duration for each live offline exam?
Ans : One & half hour / 90 min.

Ans : Go to join test series live offline & follow simple steps. its takes only 10 min.

Que : Can I join more than one batch at time?
Ans : Yes. you have to pay cumulative fee of batches you want to join.

Que : What are payment options for joining HMT live offline TEST SERIES?
Ans : There is only one option to make a payment for joining HMT TEST SERIES i.e. by Online Payment gateway through ccavenue by Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Internet Banking (Net Banking).No cash payments.

Que : Any concision or advantage is there for joining multiple batches of live offline test series? What?
Ans : No any concision in payment, but after joining multiple batches you will get online test series pack for 1st year or 3rd year (minor) batch completely free. Otherwise for joining this online courses you have to pay 1000/-

Que : Is there any concision if we join HMT LIVE OFFLINE TEST SERIES in group of four?
Ans : Yes, if you join HMT LIVE OFFLINE TEST SERIES in group of four, each candidate of your group will get concision of 500/- in actual fee of particular batch, provided that all four candidate should join at the same time with total accumulative payment.

Que : Is it necessary to have all four student from same batch for joining LIVE OFFLINE TEST SERIES in group of four?
Ans : No, not necessary, candidate from any batch can form group of four.

Que : Is it the questions of online & live offline exams are same?
Ans : Yes, the MCQ set included in online & live offline exams are same.

Que : Please explain term LIVE OFFLINE EXAM?
Ans : For appear exam you have to go our respective exam center, where you got printed MCQ paper, you have to solve it. After finishing exam you will get answer key with detail explanation with reference. Presently our exam centers are located all over Maharashtra where medical colleges are there. For detail address please go through exam center section.

Que : How to join test series?
Ans : Click on Join test series option on home page. Select the type of test series (Online or Off line) that you want to join. Read instruction before filling form. Enter basic information in form . It takes only 5 min. Select payment mode. You can make payment by debit card/ credit card / net banking / DD. Immediately after payment u will get confirmation mail with exam link & password.

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